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    This Guy Was Fired After Posting Racist Comments About His Co-Worker’s Son

    The offensive Facebook comment thread, which he participated in, hit Twitter. It didn't go over well with his boss.

    A man who goes by the name Geris Hilton on Facebook posted this photo of himself with his co-worker's 3-year-old son, Cayden, on Sept. 16.

    Almost immediately, Hilton's friends flooded the post with racist and insensitive comments about the child.

    Hilton also joined in.

    The picture and the responses were then shared on Twitter, where they were met with widespread disgust and condemnation.

    This is disgusting. I've never seen a little boy so viciously demonized.

    Not even kids are safe. What a shame😒 #HisNameIsCayden

    Allegedly, Geris Hilton's real name is Gerod Roth and he was an employee at Polaris Marketing Group in Atlanta.

    According to Complex, concerned commenters alerted Polaris to the photo. Soon after, Roth was terminated.

    Polaris posted a Facebook update detailing what happened.

    Facebook: pmgatlanta

    People lauded the company's decision.

    Cayden's mom, Sydney, also posted photos on Facebook, saying she wanted her son to be known in a positive light, not as someone associated with a disturbing post. So she started the hashtag campaign‪ #‎HisNameIsCayden‬.

    Facebook: miss.red1989

    The hashtag #HisNameIsCayden took off on Twitter and Facebook, with people showing their support for the child, and taking a stand against racism.

    Privilege is not having2 worry abt ur children portrayed as caricatures 4 malicious consumption by predatorial supremacist #HisNameIsCayden

    I wish we lived in a world where a mother didn't have to have a conversation about racists to her three year old son. #HisNameIsCayden

    Protect children at all costs #HisNameIsCayden

    The polaris marketing group declined to comment to BuzzFeed News. Sydney Jade did not respond to a request for comment.