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    This Guy Popping His Wrist Cyst With A Needle And Screwdriver Is Remarkably Gross

    Yes, it's as icky as it sounds. Don't try this at home!

    YouTube user the The Wrist Cyst just posted a video of him cyst-popping in a, erm, creative way.

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    He has his sister-in-law ready his tools of choice: pliers, a needle, and a screwdriver.

    She then hammers the needle with a a few taps of the screwdriver.


    He then gives it a squeeze to show the cyst's creamy filling. "Probably the grossest thing I've ever seen," he says. Us too, bro.

    Note: If you have a cyst causing pain or discomfort, you probably shouldn't try to pop it on your own — it can sometimes just make it worse. Contact a doctor or dermatologist to prevent infection. Better safe than sorry!

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