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This Guy Proved His Dog Is His Valentine With A Couples-Themed Photo Shoot

So DOGGONE cute!

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Graziano and Noodle became best friends after the writer performed a stand-up comedy routine about pugs, he told BuzzFeed.

After his set, a woman approached him with a unique proposition. She ran a shelter in Long Island, and said she had a pug that needed a home.

Once Graziano saw Noodle, it was love at first sight.


"I'm cripplingly single and Noodle knows exactly how to pose in front of a camera, so in a way we were both in our element for this shoot," he said.


"I'm just thrilled to have a valentine this year," he said. "We're going to spend the day on the couch eating food and watching crappy television. It's my ideal Valentine's Day. A boyfriend would be nice but like, whatever, a pug it is."

"I hope people will find it funny and entertaining," he said. "I think Valentine's Day is a holiday with a lot of unnecessary pressure associated with it, and hopefully people who are stressed about who their valentine will be won't worry about it too much."

H/T: BarkPost

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