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This Guy Proved His Dog Is His Valentine With A Couples-Themed Photo Shoot

So DOGGONE cute!

This is Jonathan Graziano, a 25-year-old writer for BarkPost in New York, and his 7-year-old pug, Noodle.

Graziano and Noodle became best friends after the writer performed a stand-up comedy routine about pugs, he told BuzzFeed.

After his set, a woman approached him with a unique proposition. She ran a shelter in Long Island, and said she had a pug that needed a home.

Once Graziano saw Noodle, it was love at first sight.

Although Noodle has only lived with Graziano for a little over a month, the two are inseparable.

In the short time the two have been together, Graziano has started an Instagram account for Noodle documenting his four-legged life.

As Valentine's Day approached, Graziano got an idea: He would take Noodle to Central Park for a couples-themed photo shoot and officially make Noodle his valentine.

The result is a lovely set of photos that perfectly capture the love between man and dog.

Graziano said that the shoot was a natural fit.

"I'm cripplingly single and Noodle knows exactly how to pose in front of a camera, so in a way we were both in our element for this shoot," he said.

The photos feature the two in couple-y situations as they gush over each other in the park.


Graziano even went as far as to make it Facebook official, proclaiming Noodle as his valentine.

Graziano is pretty excited over his plans for the big day.

"I'm just thrilled to have a valentine this year," he said. "We're going to spend the day on the couch eating food and watching crappy television. It's my ideal Valentine's Day. A boyfriend would be nice but like, whatever, a pug it is."

He went on to say that the response to the photos has been overwhelmingly positive, with people commending him for adopting an older dog.

He also added that the ultimate takeaway is for people not to sweat the holiday too much.

"I hope people will find it funny and entertaining," he said. "I think Valentine's Day is a holiday with a lot of unnecessary pressure associated with it, and hopefully people who are stressed about who their valentine will be won't worry about it too much."

H/T: BarkPost