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A Girl With A Rare Chromosome Disorder Just Won Prom Queen By A Landslide

Katie Shipley wasn't supposed to make it to prom, much less be prom queen.

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This normally isn't a big deal, but Shipley was born with a rare chromosome disorder that is also accompanied by dementia. She wasn't supposed to make it to her senior year, much less be prom queen, NBC affiliate KGW reported.

Shipley has been in special education throughout her life and is popular amongst fellow students. She had always dreamed of being on prom court, and her classmates at Southridge high decided to make that dream a reality.


So she attended prom on Saturday as part of the prom court.

It was there that she received another surprise. At prom she found out after some anticipation that she had been voted queen. Her classmates didn't hold back, and cheered her on. "They were shouting out my name. 'Katie Katie Katie!'" she said.

Your 2015 prom king and queen... MIKE PARKS AND KATIE SHIPLEY ❤️

Ever so gracious, Katie wrote a letter to her fellow classmates for helping make her dream into a reality.

If you voted for Katie you have to read this 😭

Her grandmother, Joan Fraley, was also moved by the gesture.

"This shows them that you're just like everybody else. You are beautiful, you are precious, God loves you just the way he made you — and shine."

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