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If You're In A Relationship, You Need To See This Guide On Farting While Sharing A Bed

A couple that farts together stays together.

Wendy Chen is an illustrator based out of Seattle that has been drawing manga and comics for as long as she can remember.

Since 2016, she's been illustrating Messy Cow, a comic that hilariously and adorably portrays family life.

The series features many common situations, and recently put together a comprehensive guide on how to fart when sharing a bed. Chen told BuzzFeed that she got inspired to create the series from personal experience, "I ate all kinds of food and often ran into this problem. I was curious how other people handled the situation but it's a hard topic to bring up in casual conversations. So I decided to make a comic about it and find out what other people think."

Since making the comic, Chen said she's been pleased with the reaction. "I was happily surprised how many people were open to discussing it and there were many creative ways than I could think of. I recommend to use my comics as a guide and test it step by step. If your partner showed disgust at a certain one then stop going down the list."

So without further ado, here is the comprehensive guide to farting while sharing a bed:

Happy farting 😊💩😊💩

For more of Chen's work check out her website and Facebook page.

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