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    Updated on Feb 10, 2019. Posted on Apr 12, 2018

    This Dad's Disney Princess Illustrations Are Both Haunting And Beautiful

    Disney meets darkness.

    Shawn Coss is a 35-year-old illustrator based out of Akron, Ohio, who's been drawing for as long as he can remember.


    In 2016 he illustrated a series of various mental health conditions at the request of fans that went viral and got picked up by numerous publishers.

    Shawn Coss

    Around that time his two young daughters got really into Disney films. He went on to tell BuzzFeed how that went for him. "I fell into that familiar parent/child black hole of watching Disney features on repeat for eternity. I have lost wall space to tally up all the time’s I’ve seen Frozen, Moana, Little Mermaid, and so many more."

    Walt Disney Studios

    Coss said at one point one of his fans suggested he draw Disney princesses. With Disney now being a big part of his life, he decided to draw the princesses in his own unique style.

    The series — called "Disney Darkness" — features popular Disney princesses illustrated with his trademark dark and creepy approach.

    The results were menacing and beautiful, like this take on Belle and the Beast.

    Or Ariel as a monstrous mermaid.

    He even has a few in the works like this take on Elsa.

    Coss said the reactions have have been mostly postive, with a small minority of people saying he's demonizing children's characters.

    When asked about what he wants people to take away from the series, Coss said it's all about perception. "I wanted to see these princesses in a darker sense because they've always been known as these very bright and positive characters. I like to think I drew them when they weren't having such a princess positive life that day."

    For more of his work be sure to check out his Instagram page.

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