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    This Gorgeous Man Travels The World Eating Pizza

    A little slice of the good life.

    This is Phil Duncan of Liverpool, England.

    Duncan told Elite Daily that over the course of his travels he's been to 30 countries on five continents.

    Phil loves to travel.

    Here he is at the Escadaria Selarón in Rio de Janeiro.

    Phil also has an undying love for pizza.

    Who could blame him?

    Well, over the past couple of years, Duncan has combined his love for pizza and travel with a fun Instagram account that shows him indulging in plenty of both.

    He also has a blog called Travel Slice, where he documents his travels and offers tips on which pizza places to patronize around the world.

    Whether it's Hungary...

    ...or Portland, Duncan always has his eyes on the pies.

    He even indulges in Costco pizza whenever he gets a chance.

    And the offerings in San Diego.

    Along with a delectable deep-dish in Chicago.

    Oh, and of course he absolutely adores New York–style pizza.

    He went on to tell Elite Daily that while he's had pizza in many places, the slices he had in Ko Phi Phi, Thailand, were among the best.


    He also learned from his travels that you can find pizza anywhere.

    “I have been to some of the largest cities in the world and some tiny remote islands in the middle of nowhere. It amazes me no matter what the traditional food is like, you will always find somewhere that sells pizza.”

    Seattle, Washington.

    So whether it's in the snow...

    Brooklyn, New York.

    ...or on a sunny day by the lake...

    ...this guy will always have a pizza our hearts.

    BuzzFeed has reached out to Duncan for comment.