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    22 Jokes That Any Grammar Nerd Would Appreciate

    Today I will be as useless as the "g" in lasagna.

    1. This new take on the "That's what she said" joke:

    2. This clever play on words:

    3. This frustrated pirate:

    4. This coincidence:

    5. This presentation of the word "welcome":

    6. These exceptional rule exceptions:

    7. This meta onomatopoeia:

    8. This period joke:

    10. This perfect depiction of punctuation:

    11. This perfect answer to a common question:

    12. This flawless comeback to a pickup line:

    13. This joke about spelling:

    14. This pronoun joke:

    15. This joke about dating:

    16. This quip that shows the importance of commas:

    17. These reactions to the "alarmed" door:

    18. This clever oxymoron:

    19. This absent comma:

    Why I love commas. #grammarjokes #writing

    20. This g-related gag:

    21. This quintessential "walked into a bar" joke:

    22. This joke that demonstrates the importance of punctuation:

    23. And this very adjective sentiment: