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23 Things You Didn't Know About Whataburger

Just how you like it.

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2. Whataburger has a secret menu.

It includes a chicken and pancakes combination, and used to feature a drink called the Hulk (a concoction consisting of Powerade and Vault soda). This is due to the restaurant's almost limitless options for customizing orders.

4. The numbers that come with each dine-in Whataburger meal are a tribute to the company's original A-frame design.

8. It is also one of the only fast food restaurants to sell its ketchup in grocery stores.

10. Contrary to popular belief Whataburger was the first fast food restaurant to use quarter-pound beef patties.

Whataburger has been using quarter-pound beef patties since 1950. McDonald's didn't start using them until 1971.

11. Whatburger has its own version of the Olympics, called "Whatagames."

Various Whataburger teams compete in different events involving operations, corporate history, and customer service.


15. Whataburger allows horses in the parking lot and drive-thru.


17. On Valentine’s Day 1996, 24 couples got married at a Whataburger in Dallas.

18. One couple loved the restaurant so much they had a Whataburger themed wedding.

20. Founder Harmon Dobson had quite an eventful life before he started the company.

He supervised construction of military facilities in North Africa, was friends with the ruling family of Bahrain, taught himself how to fly a plane, and ran a diamond mining business in South America.