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    22 Things People Who Are Bad At Expressing Their Feelings Know To Be True

    Feelings just aren't that appealing.

    1. Only rarely do you ever say these three little words...

    2. ...and it's a chore for you to respond to them.

    3. Crying is never something that comes naturally to you.

    4. In fact, no film has ever made you cry...

    5. ...and most sappy genres like romantic comedies are too cheesy for your liking.

    6. Whether it's a graduation, funeral, or a wedding, you seldom cry at events other people cry at.

    7. PDA is not only awkward, it makes you downright uncomfortable.

    8. Which makes hugging a form of torture...

    9. ...and cuddling is your own private version of hell.

    10. When other people feel proud or happy on your behalf, it makes you super uncomfortable...

    11. ...but it's not nearly as bad as having to comfort someone yourself.

    12. On the very few occasions when you are moved, you don't know what to do with yourself.

    13. you fight it with every fiber of your being.

    14. You get super uncomfortable when people try to "talk" feelings with you.

    15. You usually handle those situations with awkward laughter...

    16. ...or just avoid them altogether.

    17. It's very hard for you to respond to affection...

    18. ...and it's equally hard for you to apologize, because it involves crossing an emotional bridge.

    19. Your default expression is resting bitchface, so people always assume you're mean or icy.

    20. Romantic relationships are a minefield, because they are built on communication and emotion.

    21. Which makes it easier for you to just stay perpetually single.

    22. You often question your lack of emotions, but then you realize that you don't necessarily "hate" having feelings...'re just bad at expressing them.