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Nov 8, 2014

21 Things No One Tells You About Leaving The South

The place where the tea and accents are sweeter.

1. People will think it's strange when you refer to every sugary carbonated drink as "Coke."

"What kind of Coke do you want?"

"I'll have a Dr. Pepper."

2. Manners are something you'll take with you, but not always get in return.


Saying "Sir" and "Ma'am" doesn't happen everywhere.

3. No other tea can come close to the goodness that is homemade sweet tea.

lnmurrey via Flickr Creative Commons

Don't even mess with the store-bought stuff.

4. People will falsely assume that most Southerners are rednecks or from the backwoods.


The South has some of the brightest people and one of the most vibrant economies in the nation.

5. You never know what reaction you'll get when you refer to a group of people as "y'all."

USA Today / Via Facebook: usatoday

6. BBQ anywhere else doesn't even come close.

7. You'll realize that mosquitos are not the monsters they are back home...


8. ...and you don't miss the dozens of bites you would get just from walking outside.

9. You'll wonder why the rest of the world isn't constantly drinking Cheerwine or Dr. Pepper.

Ross Catrow via Flickr Creative Commons
midnightcomm via Flickr Creative Commons

10. Unlike back home, it becomes crystal clear that every household doesn't have a truck.

11. Non-Southerners will never understand your love for Raising Cane's, Zaxby's, and Whataburger.

Chiceaux via Flickr Creative Commons
absenthero via Flickr Creative Commo
nixter via Flickr / Creative Commons

12. You can't wrap your mind around the fact that AC isn't standard everywhere.


Because the South would be almost uninhabitable without central air.

13. If you move up north, you'll have no idea how to deal with a "real" winter.

Snow can go.

14. People in other places will never know the simple joy of floating the river during the summer.

15. You find out that football anywhere else can't stack up.

Billy Metcalf Photography via Flickr / Creative Commons

Geaux Tigers, Roll Tide, War Eagle, and Hook 'Em just don't have as much PUNCH other places.

16. When you tell people you've gone mudding, they'll think you're crazy.

17. When you use Southern sayings like "bless your heart" or "goober," no one will know what the hell you're talking about.

18. And nothing you find anywhere else will ever come close to the glory that is Cajun food.

Photo Credit: Darren and Brad via Compfight cc

19. You'll be saddened that what it costs for a small studio anywhere else would get you a four-bedroom with a two-car garage back home.

Paramount Pictures

20. You’ll finally understand why people like summer weather, because it’s not the hot and humid hellscape you are used to.

Comedy Central

21. In the end, you know that no matter where your travels take you, the South will always be home.

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