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    23 Things No One Tells You About Joining Greek Life

    It's not all Greek to you.

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    1. You become an expert at crafting.

    2. Dues end up costing a small fortune.

    3. Formal is like prom all over again.

    4. Few things are as stressful yet rewarding as sorority recruitment.

    5. You'll have more norts than you know what to do with.

    6. Rivalries with other organizations are intense.

    7. Intramurals aren't just a hobby, they are serious business.

    8. You'll develop your own version of sign language.

    9. You'll become an active contributor to every major charity.

    10. Bid day is pretty much a reenactment of Braveheart.

    Two massive waves of people crashing into each other. Yeah, that sounds about right.

    11. You'll have more sisters or brothers than you ever imagined possible.

    12. You will learn to fear and respect standards.

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    Two words: social probation.

    13. Joining Greek life is not anything like Animal House or The House Bunny.

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    Well, you might actually own a toga.

    14. Few things are as intense as the relationship between a big and little.

    15. A huge part of your wardrobe will become letter shirts.

    16. You'll hear the old "paying for friends" argument.

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    And it gets really old really fast.

    17. Fines will drain your wallet.

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    So don't be late or absent!

    18. You become a better student after attending mandatory study hours.

    19. No matter how hard you try you will never be able to forget the Greek alphabet.

    20. Some of your best — and worst— memories were made at the chapter house.

    21. Your composite picture will never look like you even with photoshop.

    22. Your closet slowly becomes a rainbow of stacked T-shirts.

    23. Chances are you will end up dating someone who is also in a Greek organization.

    When it's all said and done you'll realize that the journey doesn't end at graduation, it's only just beginning.

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