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A Photographer Took Pics Of Cats From Underneath To Show Us A Side Of Them Rarely Seen

Pawsitively adorable.

It's undeniable that cats are cute, and one of the most photogenic animals on the planet.

So, photographer Andrius Burba of Lithuania decided to embark on a photo project that shows the undersides of some divine felines.

The project, called (Cats) Turned 180°, was accomplished by putting cats on a glass table. It shows a side of the cute felines that is rarely seen on camera.

Burba said on his Facebook page that he got inspiration for the project from a photo he had seen on the internet.

The photographer took the photos at the International Cat Show Vilnius 2015, and also made a video of how it was all put together.

In all, it took Burba seven hours to set up the shoot. The owners comforted their kitties in order to get the unique shots.

After shooting for an entire day, it took another four weeks to put the finishing touches on the cute collections of cats.

The results are certainly worth the wait, because these shots are purrfect.

How can anyone pawssibly not like these photos?

I mean, just look at this meowtain of kitties.

Burba hasn't said what his next plans are for the project, but how can you not be furry much in love with these pics?

Simply pawsome!