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    23 Hilarious "The Last Dance" Tweets That Are 100% Gold

    "The flu game" was not what we thought it was.

    Over the past five weeks, The Last Dance has given us an inside look at the Michael Jordan–led Chicago Bulls team that dominated the '90s. The moments have been nothing short of spectacular.

    The 10-part series has also given us a ton of unforgettable memes.

    I think I know who delivered that pizza to #MichaelJordan before the "flu" game. #TheLastDance

    Here are 23 of the best ones from the final two episodes:

    1. Many people were hung up on the infamous pizza.

    @Dom_2k Karl Malone and John Stockton leaving the pizza place:


    what if Michael ate pineapple pizza & that’s why he threw up


    Bryon Russell realizing he talked so much trash and couldn’t even guard a Michael with food poisoning



    michael jordan saying he ate the whole pizza by himself is the only time michael jordan has ever said that i implicitly understood and identified with lol


    Michael Jordan after eating that pizza


    One thing I learned watching The Last Dance is...Don't ever order pizza in Utah! #TheLastDance


    Sorry “food poisoning game” doesn’t have the same ring as “flu game,” so I’m sticking with flu game #The

    9. A few had jokes about Leonardo DiCaprio's lightning-quick cameo.

    when Leonardo DiCaprio shows up in #TheLastDance


    11. Others keyed in on Jordan's ultra competitiveness.


    If Michael Jordan would have gotten therapy he would have averaged 4 points a game.


    me to a spider when i let it walk away


    #LastDance Opposing player: Literally just breathes the wrong way Jordan:


    Jordan: *Sneezes* Me: “Bless you, Mike” MJ: “...and that’s when I started to take it personal” #TheLastDance


    Michael Jordan when literally anyone high fives within 50 feet of him

    17. Some people were really into the iconic looks.

    “okay kids, who wants a hotdog and who wants a hamburger?”


    19. And of course, people loved other amazing characters in the final episodes.

    Our next caller is Karen from Indiana...


    the Utah Jazz said they were waiting the entire year for their rematch with the Bulls and this was Rodman's response


    John Stockton, CPA, was a good basketball player.


    You run into these two, you better turn around 🐐🐐 #TheLastDance

    23. To sum it up, the memories and memes will be deeply missed.

    I’m going to miss iPad Michael the most. #TheLastDance