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    17 Funny Tweets About Cleganebowl From "Game Of Thrones" Season 8, Episode 5

    He did what the Hound does best.

    You know the protocol. If you're not all caught up on Game of Thrones, turn away, because:


    Welp, it finally happened. Brothers Sandor and Gregor Clegane finally met in Cleganebowl, and it did not disappoint.


    TL;DR: The Hound held his own against a stubbornly hard to kill Mountain and went down in a literal blaze of glory.

    The only way the #CleganeBowl could have ended. #GameofThrones

    1. Naturally, people took to Twitter and had a lot of hilarious jokes.

    The Hound vs Sir Gregor (2019 - Colorized)

    2. A lot focused on how Cersei just scooted on by.

    Cersei just trying to walk down those stairs past the Hound #GameOfThrones

    3. Awkward.

    #GameOfThrones Cersei walking past the Hound and the Mountain:

    4. I'm getting out of here.

    Cersei getting past the Hound and the Mountain #GameOfThrones

    5. Don't mind me.

    Cersei walking between The Hound and The Mountain #GameofThrones

    6. I'll just see myself out.

    #GameOfThrones Cersei walkin by the hound and the mountain

    7. Other jokes centered around how the Mountain just wouldn't go down.

    *The Hound stabbing The Mountain repeatedly* The Mountain:

    8. Seriously.

    #GameofThrones The Hound: try to kill The Mountain The Mountain:

    9. The man was like a cockroach.

    The mountain when the hound stabbed him in the eye #GameofThrones #got8

    10. He didn't show signs of pain.

    11. And he just wouldn't die.

    The hound when the mountain pulled the dagger from his brain #demthrones #gameofthrones

    12. Ultimately, though, the Hound figured out a way to get it done.

    #GameofThrones nobody: the hound:

    13. He ended Cleganebowl in epic fashion.

    The Hound vs. The Mountain ends in a tie! #GameOfThrones

    14. It was a thing of pure beauty.

    Me watching the Hound take the Mountain down with him into the flames #GameofThrones

    15. We salute you, Sandor.

    Watching The Hound go over the wall like that #GameofThrones

    16. Basically.

    To the Hound. #DemThrones #GameofThrones

    17. RIP Hound, you were one of the besteros in Westeros.

    Me after the hound went out like a legend 😭 #GameofThrones #GOT

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