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A Teen Carried His Brother For 57 Miles To

Brotherly love at its finest.

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Walking 57 miles is a tall task for anyone, but even more so when carrying your little brother on your back. While that feat seems daunting, it's exactly what 15-year-old Hunter Gandee did with his 8-year-old brother Braden this past weekend.

The brothers are doing the walk to raise awareness for Cerebral Palsy, a brain disorder Braden has that affects muscle coordination, and is part of a project their mom aptly named Cerebral Palsy Swagger.

Facebook: cerebralpalsyswagger

The group's stated goal is to get the attention of leading doctors and engineers, put a human face to cerebral palsy, and to spurn an interest innovation and technology in treating the disease.

"I've seen what my brother has to do and struggle with in everyday life," Hunter told CNN. "Walking is his biggest struggle, and we wanted to show people that."


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