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25 Secrets Night People Won't Tell You

Sleeping is overrated.

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1. Taking Tylenol PM can cause crazy trips when you don't fall asleep.

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2. Seeing sunrises is common, but not from waking up early.

3. Naps are cool again.

Remember how awesome they were in kindergarten?

4. It's embarrassing to like someone's social media status late at night.

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Liking your crush's 2010 photos from a lake trip is not the best way to show affection.

5. Late timestamps on emails are another source of shame.

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That 3:48 a.m. email will have people asking a lot of questions.

6. Most late-night TV is either overtly sexual...

New Line Cinema / Via

Oh my!

7. ...Or a collection of cheesy infomercials.

ShamWOW why did I buy that?

8. Places that are open 24 hours are worth their weight in gold.

Bless you, 24-hour Starbucks, bless you.

9. Waking up on the rest of the world's schedule sucks.

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It's not easy falling asleep at 4 a.m. and having to be up at 6.

10. After-hours meals are a source of both joy and guilt.

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Shouldn't have eaten those three rows of Oreos.

11. Creative peaks usually happen in the wee hours of the morning.

12. Alarms are a huge pain in the ass...

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13. ...And it takes more than one to get the job done.

14. Staying up for days at a time is a superpower all night owls possess.

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Not effective, but sometimes necessary.

15. A lot of creativity takes place at night.

16. Coffee is considered the nectar of the gods...

17. ...And a ton of it is needed to get through the day.

Columbia Pictures / Via

Decaf? What the hell is that?

18. Late-night texting is an effective form of communication.

You better get those hot dogs.

19. Yawning is unavoidable.

Watch out 'cause it's contagious.

20. Weekends are mostly used for marathon sleeping sessions.

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21. Night people find morning people both amazing and shocking.

Paramount Production / Via

How do they do it?

22. And dating a morning person is an enormous adjustment.

Warner Bros. / Via

If only both your schedules matched.

23. Sunlight is the eternal enemy.

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There is something calming and welcoming about the night.

24. Most of the day is spent in a zombie-like state.

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25. Late-night Netflix binge-watching sessions are both a full-time hobby and a challenge.

My neck, my back, my Netflix, and my snacks.

Heck, most late-night owls are probably reading this post after midnight.

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Now go try to get some sleep!

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