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22 Things You Have To Deal With When You Have A Spanish Name

Forever lost in translation.

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1. Baristas always butcher accents and spelling.

2. You rarely find souvenirs featuring Spanish names.

But when you do it's a rare and joyous event.

3. You don't have just one middle name per se.

4. To make things easier on people you have a go-to list of easy to pronounce names for any occasion.

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5. It's impossible to find a keyboard with the correct accents and characters.

Try spelling your name otherwise.

Try spelling your name otherwise.

6. Googling yourself takes forever.

Javier Moreno / BuzzFeed

7. You constantly get asked if your name has a deeper definition.

8. Even though people sometimes have good intentions, it gets annoying the 3298239873th time someone asks you what country you're really from.

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9. Word always assumes your name is misspelled.

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10. Television characters with your name are sometimes less than flattering.

11. You give an English version of your name to a hostess/host, because you fear they can’t say yours.

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12. You've had to figure out a convoluted way to explain it phonetically to people.

13. You raised your hand before the teacher messed it up during roll call.

14. Not only was it different, but usually long as hell to.

15. Everyone assumes that adding an O to the end of any name will make it Spanish.

Bad assumption.

16. You also never forgot that feeling of dread when they butchered your name on the school intercom.

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17. Coaching people on how to roll "R"s is constantly a huge chore. / Creative Commons

18. Customer service reps always do that pause before they attempt your name.

19. Throughout your life your name has been constantly translated into an easier English version.

20. People always assume you speak Spanish.

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Sometimes you do sometimes you don't.

21. You have to walk people through the pronunciation slowly and loud.

22. Oh, and of course custom jerseys barely had enough room for all the vowels.

Doug Pensinger / Getty

But even though your Spanish name has sometimes been the source of frustration.

Nickelodeon / Via

It's a unique part of your cultural identity that you absolutely love.

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