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    Starbucks Is Releasing A Birthday-Cake-Flavored Frappuccino In Honor Of The Drink Turning 20

    But for five days only, because you only turn 20 once.

    Starbucks is celebrating a big milestone this year with its signature drink, the Frappuccino, turning 20.


    To mark this momentous occasion, Starbucks is releasing a limited-edition Birthday Cake Frappuccino that will be available from March 26 to 30.


    The drink is made up of blended vanilla bean and hazelnut, and is topped with whipped cream.

    According to Starbucks, the drink got its start in the summer of 1995 with just two flavors available — coffee and mocha.

    Flickr: yoshimov / Creative Commons

    But the drink has come a long way since then and is now its own pop culture icon.

    Happy birthday, Frappuccino!

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