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Someone Just Made A Desk That Allows You To Sleep Comfortably At Work

Sweet dreams are made of this.

There are few things adults are more nostalgic for than nap time. At some point everyone has surely wanted to indulge in a post-lunch snooze while on the clock.

Well, dreams of sleeping on the clock may become a reality with this dozing desk prototype that was just released, as first reported by the Daily News.

To the naked eye this just looks like a regular old desk, but upon closer inspection you'll see that the lower compartment transforms into a fully functional bed.

Looks like they took a page from that Seinfeld episode in which George has his work desk customized so he can sleep under it.

This masterpiece was created by Studio NL, an architecture firm based in Greece. Unfortunately, this cozy space is not available to the masses yet, as it's currently just a prototype.

So while it might be appealing, for now we'll just have to visit the dozing desk in our dreams.