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22 Things All Awkward People Know To Be True

It's not a phase if it lasts forever.

1. Your awkwardness can actually be felt in photos...

2. ... And you have no idea what to do with your hands.

3. You're naturally clumsy when the spotlight's on you.

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4. You've pretended to be busy on your phone when you're alone in public.

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Oh, don't mind me. I'm just checking emails and writing the Twitter.

5. And when it comes to actual texting you have no idea what you're doing.

6. When you try to be affectionate it sometimes misses the mark.

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7. Nothing causes more distress than having to talk in front of people.

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Anything but that.

8. Whenever you try to be cool you actually end up accomplishing the opposite.

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9. Few things stress you out more than elevators.

10. Actual eye contact makes you extremely uncomfortable.

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I wasn't looking at you I was looking at the person behind you.

11. You'll go out of your way to avoid seeing someone you know.

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12. Small talk: LITERALLY THE WORST.

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It either goes nowhere or is dotted with weird pauses.

13. You sometimes laugh at things no one else finds funny.

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And it's almost always accompanied by a snort.

14. Most of your photos from childhood are cringeworthy.

Brace yourself.

15. It's hard for you to get a reciprocated high-five.

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Left hanging.

16. No matter how hard you try, you realize you'll never be a good dancer.

Rhythm isn't always instinctual.

17. You've always been bad at introductions.

Can't do hugs.

18. Flirting is something you struggle with.

Apatow Productions / Via

That's how you do it right?

19. Nervous laughter is your default in most situations.

ABC / Via

20. Your eating in front of people lacks any kind of grace.

Taco Bell / Via

Hand food shouldn't be this hard.

21. When you attempt to be sexy it just falls flat.

Paramount Pictures / Via

Sometimes literally.

22. More than once you've waved at a stranger who was actually waving at someone behind you.

Play it off, play it off.

However, in the end we are all a little awkward.

Fox Television Studios / Via

So you're definitely not alone.

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