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    Siri, The Sass Queen, Is Throwing Major Shade At Rihanna

    ♫Ooh nah nah, what's my fart.♫

    If, for some reason, you decide to ask Siri to play you some loud fart noises, you're in for a surprise.

    Apple / Via

    Apple's personal assistant, who famously threw shade at users when they asked her to divide 0 by 0, also gives users an equally clever response if you ask for farting noises.

    If you tell Siri, "Play loud farts," she will play "What's My Name?" by Rihanna and Drake.

    Javi Moreno

    This works if you have Apple Music, but if you don't she'll try to locate the song anyway.

    Yup, Siri has equated Rihanna and Drake's duet megahit to a butt symphony.

    Def Jam

    Go ahead and try it for yourself.

    Rihanna probably wouldn't approve of this.

    Def Jam

    H/T Mashable