25 Reasons Colombia’s James Rodríguez Should Be Your Favorite Person Ever

Meet the next “King James.” Or should we say Ha-mes.

This is James Rodríguez.

Clive Rose / Getty

Pronounced like HAHM-ess, not jeymz.

He’s the star attacking midfielder for the Colombian National Team.

Alexandre Loureiro / Getty

He’s currently the leading goal scorer in the World Cup.

Julian Finney / Getty

He’s good at putting it between the posts.

Really good.

Actually really, really good.

But there are so many reasons to love him.

1. Because he is also one hell of a dancer.

2. He’s actually one the team’s go-to dancers.


3. Because he’s also great with animals.

4. And he’s a loving and caring father.

5. Because he’s a true family man.

6. Because he enjoys paying tribute to Colombia’s famed marimonda.

7. And he’s a personal friend of Suso.

8. Because he has some very famous fans.

¡¡Pasamos a cuartos!! James, un gracias enorme!! ¡Hasta hoy de lo mejor del Mundial! ¡¡¡Ospina, sencillamente espectacular!!! Shak #COL

— Shakira (@shakira)

9. Because his selfie game is on point.

10. Whether it’s in the gym.

11. With his teammates.

12. Or when he’s taking a quick dip.

13. Because he’s also extremely devoted to his younger fans.

Es muy lindo compartir con los niños de la Fundación @col_somostodos, entregarles sus regalos y recibir su cariño

— James Rodríguez (@jamesdrodriguez)

14. He visits them in hospitals.

15. Always poses for photo ops.

16. And he loves giving them memorabilia.

Humildad Ante Todo @jamesdrodriguez @danielaysalome

— ⑬ Paradise (@Belkis__10)

17. Because he can rock the dapper look.

18. Or the throwback stash.

19. Because even famous Colombian footballer Carlos Valderrama is a fan.

20. And former goalkeeper Rene Higuita.

Yes, “El Loco.”

21. Because his fan art is awesome.

22. Because he’s really excited about his first World Cup.

23. Because he’s really, really popular right now.

King James rules the world. #GoogleTrends

— A Googler (@google)

24. Because he’s been doing it big since he was a kid.

Les dejo otra foto de la Pony, grandes recuerdos, apenas para la Navidad.

— James Rodríguez (@jamesdrodriguez)

25. Most importantly, because he is leading a team that is even better than the famed 1994 squad.

Shaun Botterill / Getty

The current 2014 team is the first ever to make it to quarter-finals, making history.

James Rodriguez / Getty Images

So, if you’re not a fan yet be sure to remember his name.

Christopher Lee / Getty

Because you’ll be dancing to it later.

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