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21 Secrets Apple Store Employees Will Never Tell You

No, you can't get a discount.

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1. It’s obvious when you have been lying about what happened to your device.

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There are sensors all over phones and laptops that indicate if they've been opened or have gotten wet. If you lie, you're just wasting your time.

2. Lines are actually super important, and help keep the workflow going.

Even if someone assumes a problem is an "easy swap" or "quick fix," making an appointment and waiting in line are necessary.


12. It is pretty cool to tell people if you're a "genius."

How cool of a job title is that?


14. There is seldom a time when it’s not busy.

Stuffed to the gills. #applestoreproblems

Regardless of weather or the time of the year, there is usually a line outside before the store even opens.


18. When people come in with issues regarding their stuff, the problem is usually remarkably easy to fix...

19. ...while other times there is little to no hope.