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21 Secrets Apple Store Employees Will Never Tell You

No, you can't get a discount.

1. It’s obvious when you have been lying about what happened to your device.

Universal Pictures / Via

There are sensors all over phones and laptops that indicate if they've been opened or have gotten wet. If you lie, you're just wasting your time.

2. Lines are actually super important, and help keep the workflow going.

Even if someone assumes a problem is an "easy swap" or "quick fix," making an appointment and waiting in line are necessary.

3. A lot of the "water-damaged" keyboards aren't actually damaged by water.

NBC / Via

Just let your mind think of every disgusting bodily fluid imaginable.

4. You accidentally see every type of picture imaginable.

MTV / Via

5. Many are of pets and random stuff, but not a day goes by when you don't see some form of nudity...

James Deen / Via

6. ...and of course, porn.

Comedy Central / Via

Lots of porn.

7. Employees don't know when the new devices are coming out...

Fox / Via

Usually everyone is kept in the dark until it's officially announced during the keynote speech.

8. But when they do come out, employees usually get first dibs.

9. It's gratifying when people put their own personal touch on in-store devices.

An awkward selfie or embarrassing playlist never hurt anyone.

10. A lot of times people lose it when it comes to transferring their data.

NBC / Via

They know what they have on their devices.

11. Yes everyone has to upsell Apple Care, and no one likes talking about it any more than customers like hearing it.

New Line Cinema / Via

However, to be honest it is a good deal.

12. It is pretty cool to tell people if you're a "genius."

13. ...but when you're not at work you are constantly bombarded with Apple-related questions.

The CW / Via

14. There is seldom a time when it’s not busy.

Stuffed to the gills. #applestoreproblems

Regardless of weather or the time of the year, there is usually a line outside before the store even opens.

15. If you ask an employee to hook you up with a discount it probably isn't going to happen.

Paramount Pictures / Via

Discounts are few and far between, and are offered to employees only at certain times during the year.

16. Few things are as stressful as the launching of a new product...

Long hours, and even longer lines.

17. ...but there are also few things as exciting as a launch day.

Chinafotopress / Getty Images

The crowds, the hype, and the energy make for an electric environment.

18. When people come in with issues regarding their stuff, the problem is usually remarkably easy to fix...

19. ...while other times there is little to no hope.

20. A lot of the customers can be downright rude, abrasive, and make you question humanity.

Some scream, curse, and condescend just to get a device swap.

21. But cool customers, and kickass co-workers totally make the job worthwhile.

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