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Instagram Had A Bug Today And People Collectively Lost It

Where were you during the great Instagram crash of 2015?

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Instagram went down briefly today.

I didn't. I'm having issues with my Instagram I can't even login (& I do have Internet) @stylesnoskians

People got locked out, lost followers, and couldn't access their accounts.


Is @Instagram down? I got knocked off and can't get back on. 😖🔫

And the populace started asking all the hard-hitting questions.

Anyone else's instagram broken or is the world ending?

Fear began to mount that the accounts had been reported or shut down.

Instagram logged me out got me sitting here thinking I got hacked like

Frustration set in.

And panic ensued.

Instagram down and out. #Instagrambug

When you're in the middle of putting that "Rise" filter on and Instagram logs you out.

Luckily, some remained calm.

ok guys yes instagram is down. we have established this. calm down. breathe. let go and let god

Well, kind of.

#InstagramBug #InstagramItsNotWorking and me like this..!!

However, humans are a resourceful bunch.

Instagram is down now I gotta go back to stalking my crush from behind a bush 😰😫 #instagrambug

Instagram goes down everyone is forced to talk to each other at lunch! #instagrambug

We'll get through this together.

when instagram logs you out and prevents you from logging back in— is it (a) a bug (b) a reminder to get off your phone (c) tweet fodder

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