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    Ronda Rousey Just Destroyed Floyd Mayweather At The ESPYs

    A fighter in and out of the ring.

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    UFC Queen Ronda Rousey won the ESPY for Best Fighter tonight, beating out a category of all male nominees.

    Jason Merritt / Getty Images

    She most notably beat out famed boxer Floyd Mayweather, who has been charged with domestic violence six times, and served two months in jail for beating the mother of three of his children.

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    Being the badass that she is, Rousey could not resist calling out Mayweather for his history of domestic abuse.

    Ronda Rousey throwing SO MUCH SHADE at Floyd Mayweather at the ESPYs.

    MIC. DROP.

    Perfection. RT@bencelestino: @BuzzFeedSports Ronda Rousey x Riblet mic drop

    This isn't the first time, either. A few months ago Rousey said she would never get in a ring with Mayweather, unless "they were dating."

    Moral of the story: Do not mess with Ronda Rousey.