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Ronda Rousey Just Defended Her UFC Title By Ending The Fight In 34 Seconds

Blink and you might have missed it.

Saturday night Ronda Rousey took on challenger Bethe Correia at UFC 190 in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, to defend her bantamweight title.

Leading up to the fight there had been a lot of bad blood between the two fighters.

The animosity started earlier this year when Correia made a veiled reference to Rousey's father's suicide.

When asked about Rousey at a promotional event, Correia said:

"She is winning, so everybody is around her cheering her up, but when she realizes she is not everything that she believes she is, I don't know what might happen.

"I hope she does not kill herself later on. [laughs]"

Rousey took to Twitter to voice her own opinion on the quote, and vowed payback.

@bethecorreia suicide is no joke or selling point. My father will be with me the day I hand you the comeuppance you deserve.

Tensions were high as the fight got underway.

However, Rousey wasted no time, and in just 34 seconds got Correia with a combination against the fence that sent her down. The referee immediately stepped in to stop the fight.

'@RondaRousey KO Victory! Can anyone even get to round 2 with the Women's Champion? Courtesy: BT Sport

Famous athletes and celebrities chimed in.

Rhonda rousey is a beast Daaaaaaaaaam

Rowdy Ronda a beast with dat sh!t slime

With the win Rousey improves to 12–0, and successfully defended her bantamweight championship.

After the fight Rousey thanked the Brazilian crowd, dedicated the victory to deceased wrestler "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, and made a note about mentioning her loved ones: "I hope nobody brings up my family anymore when it comes to fights."

GTFO if you thought you were messing with the champ. @RondaRousey #UFC190