15 Reasons You Should Be Cheering For Portugal This World Cup

Forca Portugal!

1. Portugal is a tiny country with big time talent.

en.wikipedia.org / Via Wikimedia Commons

2. They are home to the current top player in the world Cristiano Ronaldo.

Laurence Griffiths / Getty

He is the most recent winner of the Ballon d’ Or.

He’s got all the right moves.

He has an absolutely lethal touch, and is one of the most dynamic players in the world.

3. But he also has many talents outside of soccer…

Dan Ramos / Getty

I wonder what those could be?

Dennis Doyle / Getty

4. They also have aggressive midfielder Meireles. This is his last World Cup so he will be terrorizing the pitch.

You know, the one with the beard?

5. But all hope ultimately lies in goalkeeper Rui Patricio.

Alex Grimm / Getty

Penalties have been deal breakers for Portugal in recent years. The performance of man guarding the posts will be critical.

6. Portugal has also produced Eusebio. One of the greatest players of all time.

Kent Gavin / Hulton Archive

7. Their domestic league Liga Zon Sagres produces some of the top notch talent.

upload.wikimedia.org / Via Wikimedia Commons

8. Along with talent they have a feverish fan base that live and die by their wins and losses.

Martin Rose / Getty

Martin Rose / Getty


9. They have a lot to cheer about lately, Portugal has been consistently near the top of the FIFA World rankings.

Alex Livesey / Getty

That’s a reason to get excited.

10. They also have some of the sweetest looking kits in the tournament.


11. Their rivalry with Spain is fierce and competitive.

Laurence Griffiths / Getty

Spain has knocked Portugal out of the World Cup in 2010, and the Euro 2012 tournament.

Curse them!

BBC Sport / Via totalprosports.com

12. No need to fear, current head coach Paulo Bento is their not so secret weapon.

Martin Rose / Getty

Since he took over the team in 2010 Paulo helped deliver Spain their worst defeat in 50 years.

13. They have a storied past, but have never won the ultimate prize.

Central Press / Hulton Archive

The best finish they’ve had was third in 1966.

14. But to the fans this year’s squad is a team of destiny.

Jaspre Junien / Getty

At no other point in their history have they been so poised to win it all. Ranked 4th in FIFA standings, and have one of the world’s greatest players on their roster the odds are in their favor.

15. So…. what are Portugal’s chances of winning the 2014 World Cup?


Oh, and in case you needed another reason to cheer for Portugal here’s a pic of Cristiano Ronaldo shirtless.

Lars Baron / Getty

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