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23 Problems Only People Raised By Teachers Will Understand

Class is always in session.

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1. You could never half-ass your science projects.

2. Your parents brought their work habits home, so everything was sanitized...

3. ...or had stickers on it.

4. You've been tempted to cheat by looking at your mom or dad's teacher editions.

6. And at the end of summer you spent at least one week helping them set up their classroom.

9. Which meant you couldn't get away with slacking off or getting in trouble.

13. And they pushed perfect attendance on you...

18. You've had to deal with corny teacher humor.

19. You've been on countless shopping excursions to teacher supply stores.

20. And your home was always overstocked with classroom essentials.

...having a teacher as a parent was awesome.

Because they were beside you every step of the way.