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25 Things You'll See In Every Mexican Kitchen

The place where awesome and delicioso happens.

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1. A molcajete that's probably older than you.

Seriously it's been around for as long as you can remember.

2. A comal that has a permanent spot on the stove.

It never ever moved.

3. Mexican candy stashed away.

Because if your mom didn't hide it you would have eaten it all.

4. Oversized bottles of Valentina.

5. Along with savory Tapatio sauce.

6. And of course the queen of them all Cholula.

All of which you could probably guzzle by the gallon.

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7. Goya products everywhere.

8. Along with plenty of Bimbo bread.

And no Bimbo, was never considererd an insult.

9. Limones by the HUNDREDS!

Used as garnish, seasoning, and for limeade.

10. Improvised Tupperware.

Nothing was ever what you thought it was.

11. Oaxacan cheese that looked like a ball of shoelaces.

And it was waaay better than Kraft string cheese.

12. Along with queso fresco.

Melts in your mouth and crumbles in your hand.

13. A picture of La Ultima Cena.

He'll always have a seat at your table.

14. And naturally a calendar of La Virgen that you got from a panderia.

15. A drawer full of loteria cards.

Played using beans or pennies only.

16. A few bottles of Mexican Coke in the fridge.

17. And every single flavor of Jarritos imaginable.

The sugar rush is unmatched!

18. Cream straight from the home country.

19. A literal tub of manteca.

It might not be good for you, but where else are tortillas suppose to come from?

20. Fabuloso and it's cousin Clorox under the sink.

The smell of lavender always reminds you of home.

21. A plastic bag filled with other plastic bags.

Who needs trash bags?
Julie Thornston / Getty

Who needs trash bags?

22. Abuelita chocolate with actual cinnamon.

Pan dulce not included.

23. Enough tortillas to make it though the apocalypse.

24. And from Thanksgiving to New Years TAMALES, TAMALES, TAMALES!
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