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This Dad Had A Brilliant Response For When A "Small-Minded" Commented Didn't Approve Of His Son's Costume

"I won't let someone's insecurity dictate how he should or shouldn't dress."

This is Will Hutt of Fort Myers, Florida, and his 9-year-old son, Liam, sitting in the backseat with his sister.

They are part of a happy family that includes two dads, Liam and his twin sister, and one older sister.

Hutt told BuzzFeed that Liam is naturally creative and loves Halloween. In previous years, he's gone as the Black Swan, Cleopatra, and Medusa. This year, Liam decided to go as Cruella de Vil.

So the pair worked on the costume and makeup, and when all was said and done, Liam nailed it.

Proud of his son's creativity, Hutt posted photos of the transformation on Facebook.

The comments from friends most expressed support and praise.

However, one commenter criticized Hutt for Liam's costume.

Initially, Hutt was angry, but he decided to take the high road and responded with this comment.

Hutt told the Gaily Grind his family has dealt with misconceptions like this before.

It's very typical for people to assume that because he has two dads, that we somehow guided him in this direction. That is simply not the case.

We have had to discuss the fact that he may be met with adverse reactions when wearing this type of outfit to school on Halloween and even out on the evening trick-or-treating.

Fortunately, he has a great school and very good friends that didn't give him a hard time. I am not asking for applause or acceptance from other parents.

I fully understand many probably have an issue with this, but I am perplexed by other parents criticism.

Hutt went on to tell BuzzFeed that since his son's story has gone viral, he's received messages of support from all over the world, and that it has helped spark important conversations.

Will added that his intentions for his son were simple.

My goal was for my son to go out for Halloween how he wanted to, and enjoy himself. The creative process had us working together and planning things together, as well as spending quality time.

We do this every year and I won't let someone else's insecurity dictate how he should or shouldn't dress. He's an amazing boy, a great dancer, and a wonderful son.

For more on Hutt and his son Liam, check out their Facebook page here.