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19 Problems People With Unique Names Can Totally Relate To

Oh na na, what's my name?

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4. And you're never able to to find souvenirs with your name on them.

No T-shirts or license plates from that Grand Canyon trip.


8. You usually give a more common name to a restaurant host/hostess for fear that they will fuck it up when they call it out.


12. And when you type your name into a document, it automatically comes up as a spelling mistake.

Javier Moreno / BuzzFeed

So you are all too familiar with right clicking and selecting "Add to Dictionary."


16. Oh, and of course is ALWAYS butchered on official documents.

"Athena" is not the Greek goddess of misspelled words.


19. And of course autocorrect has never shown you any kind of mercy.

Thank you autocorrect, but I'm pretty sure "Douglas" isn't "DOGZILLA."