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19 Problems People With Unique Names Can Totally Relate To

Oh na na, what's my name?

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1. Starbucks baristas constantly butcher it whenever you order.

Did you REALLY think that was my name?

Did you REALLY think that was my name?

2. It drives you insane that your name is so common across the globe, but is considered "foreign" to most people you meet.

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3. You've gotten use to s-p-e-l-l-i-n-g it out whenever you introduce yourself to strangers.


4. And you're never able to to find souvenirs with your name on them.

No T-shirts or license plates from that Grand Canyon trip.

5. Substitute teachers will pronounce it wrong three times before you have to correct them.

Comedy Central

6. So often, you raise your hand before they got to you to avoid embarrassment.

Fox / Via


7. Keyboards never have the right symbol or accent keys.

Sorry Beyoncé.

Sorry Beyoncé.

8. You usually give a more common name to a restaurant host/hostess for fear that they will fuck it up when they call it out.

"Sarah, party of three" is just easier for everybody.
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"Sarah, party of three" is just easier for everybody.

9. Most people automatically shorten your name to something simpler.

Def Jam

"Oh, Yessica. I'll just call you Yes."

10. ... And then you constantly get asked what the English version is.

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Unfortunately, not all names have an English translation.

11. People are disappointed when they find out your name doesn't have a "different meaning."


Sorry but Katniss actually just means Katniss. :(

12. And when you type your name into a document, it automatically comes up as a spelling mistake.

So you are all too familiar with right clicking and selecting "Add to Dictionary."
Javier Moreno / BuzzFeed

So you are all too familiar with right clicking and selecting "Add to Dictionary."

13. People always ask what your real name is, as if what's on your birth certificate is some kind of joke.

Marvel / Via

It's not a joke, this is what your parents named you.

14. Over time, you've developed a default method of explaining your name to strangers.

For me, I say it's pronounced "HA-vee-AIR."

For me, I say it's pronounced "HA-vee-AIR."

15. You've mastered the art of smiling politely when someone addresses you as "Hey you."


But secretly you're screaming in frustration on the inside.

16. Oh, and of course is ALWAYS butchered on official documents.

"Athena" is not the Greek goddess of misspelled words.

17. Most of the time, you suffer through the repetitive agony of repeating it three times so people get it right...

Third time's a charm.
United Asia Management

Third time's a charm.

18. ... And you always spend the first few minutes of every customer service call trying to get the representative to get your name right.

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19. And of course autocorrect has never shown you any kind of mercy.

Thank you autocorrect, but I'm pretty sure "Douglas" isn't "DOGZILLA."

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