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    50 Photos That Will Make Mechanics Unreasonably Angry

    A word to the wise — don't run over mattresses.

    1. This rookie repair job that's actually kind of genius.

    2. This problem, which probably explains the weird piney smell coming from the engine.

    3. This totally reasonable customer concern.

    4. This totally legit wooden tire.

    5. This cheap repair that surely worked as intended.

    6. This bald as a cue ball bad boy.

    7. This paint job that gives a whole new meaning to "Let Jesus take the wheel."

    8. This extremely detailed customer description of their car issues.

    9. This customer who might want to lay off the energy drinks.

    10. This diabolical dude.

    11. This person who didn't know how to keep a handle on things.

    12. This improvised radio dial.

    13. This amazing conversation with a customer.

    14. This headlight that has so much fluid it just might cry.

    15. This repair job gone terribly wrong.

    16. This truck that's in desperate need of a new tire.

    17. This!

    18. This perfect illustration of why you should never run over cones.

    19. This plumber who decided to work on his own car.

    20. This hack that couldn't possibly work.

    21. This work-around.

    22. This tire travesty...

    23. ... and this one...

    24. .... And don't forget this one.

    25. This aptly named and illustrated lube.

    26. This tire bubble that is literally ready to blow.

    27. This diligent person who never missed an inspection.

    28. This customer has at least provided some important details.

    29. This chocolatey exhaust.

    30. This problem might just be completely unsolvable.

    31. This genius method to make a busted taillight read again.

    32. This zip tie way to die.

    33. This ironic, self aware Prius owner.

    34. This tire that's somehow missing a section.

    35. This customer might just have solved their own problem.

    36. This intensely used bike.

    37. This battery buildup.

    38. ???

    39. This very troubling customer issue.

    40. This person who learned the hard way that you shouldn't run over a mattress.

    41. This paint job with some very minor imperfections.

    42. This hipster offer.

    43. This total garage disaster.

    44. This vehicle that shouldn't be on the road under any circumstances.

    45. This trashcan on wheels.

    46. These very fixable issues.

    47. This spray paint art.

    48. This very valid customer concern.

    49. Whoever did this DYI repair job on a fuel line.

    50. Whatever the hell is going on here.

    h/t: r/JustRolledIntoTheShop