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This "Be Like Bill" Meme Passive Aggressively Calls Out People's Social Media Habits

To be, or not to Bill.

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Croitoru also claims to have invented the meme, but as with all things internet, that's difficult to verify.

Croitoru has since recruited his friend Debabrata Nath to help him manage the page. Nath told BuzzFeed about the process of developing new memes:

Most of the content is either curated via user-submissions on the page or done by the two guys managing the page: Eugeniu or myself. We try our best to keep the memes funny or convey a message through them without taking ourselves too seriously. Bill should entertain and make people laugh.

The meme has even spawned imitators like “Sé como José” in Spanish, and has different incarnations in other languages such as Arabic and Malay.

However, the meme is not without its detractors. Haters have even made their own Facebook page: "Don't be like Bill or Emily."

Facebook: OfficialDBLB1

"We're currently planning to roll out a few things that'll feature Bill as the main topic, so expect a lot of interesting announcements soon," they said.