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People Can't Get Enough Of This Guy's Homework Mistake

Homework is seldom this hilarious. We can’t verify the story just yet, but people are having quite a reaction to it.

On Wednesday Twitter user @johnnnn_d tweeted this picture of an apparent homework assignment gone wrong. The tweet features a screenshot of a laptop and alleges that he and a friend were supposed to do a project on euthanasia — the practice of intentionally ending someone's life to alleviate pain — but someone ended up spending two hours on a presentation called "Youth in Asia."

Deadass spent 2 hours doing project on Youth in Asia then find out it's supposed to be on Euthanasia. Summer wya 😭

Since posting, the picture has blown up all over Twitter — getting over 74,000 retweets and over 120,000 likes so far. A lot of people thought it was utterly hilarious even for such a heavy topic.

Major parody accounts picked it up as well, adding fuel to the fire.

On the surface it does seem like a logical mistake to make.

Hopefully his homework worked out.

BuzzFeed has reached out @johnnnn_d for background on the tweet.