People Are Giving Their Cats Donald Trump Hairstyles

    Because some hair is too good not to share.

    Firebrand Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has been all over the news lately.

    The real estate mogul is famous for his business acumen, as well as his controversial statements. But there is one thing about him that also gets a lot of attention.

    His one-of-a-kind hair!

    An Instagram account called @TrumpYourCat has seized the moment by encouraging people to craft fur toupees for their cats resembling Trump's iconic comb-over.

    The account, which was created two weeks ago, features a number of cats rocking the look.

    It's even spawned the hashtags #donaldtrumpcat and #trumpmycat.

    The trend has also started spreading to other animals.

    Even man's best friend has been Trumpified.

    So delight in their might...

    ...bask in their purrrfect glory...

    ...because some hair is too good not to share.


    BuzzFeed has reached out to the @TrumpMyCat Instagram account holder for comment.