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People Are Losing It Over A Story Of A Woman's Pooping Mishap On A Date

Definitely not a shitty narrative. We can't verify the story just yet, but people are loving it.

Monday night, Twitter user @_blotty posted a hilarious story involving pooping while out on a date.

The story, told in 18 tweets, has been collectively tweeted and liked thousands of times.

It started off simple enough.

Then progressed into something crappy.

It was clear she could only put the butt beans in one place.

She then turned to family on what to do with the Chewbacca chunk.

It was then that she discovered a way to get rid of the keister cake.

She finished it off with a bit of advice.

Lots of people loved her story.

Others were just blown away.

Some even chimed in sharing their own stories of toilet clogging mishaps.

She has since followed up with this tweet making light of the whole situation.

We certainly hope it's true, 'cause this narrative is the opposite of shitty.

BuzzFeed has reached out to @_blotty to confirm the details of the story.