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This Dog's Over-Joyous Target Pics Have Gone Massively Viral

The most adorable shopping partner.

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On Wednesday Twitter user @virgoprincxss posted these pictures of her four-month-old Corgi-Aussie mix Zira at a recent trip to Target. The pictures are 100% adorable, and quickly went viral with over 540K likes and 142K retweets to date.


It's really no surprise the pics went viral, I mean look at her!

This cute little doggo is really enjoying some Target time.

Other people got inspired, and posted pics of their own pets on shopping trips.

Jesse, the person behind the Twitter handle and Zira's owner, told BuzzFeed that Zira was just being her usual happy self when the photos were taken.

She went on to say that while the response to the pics has been overwhelmingly positive, a lot of people informed her that it's illegal to bring non-service dogs into stores, and her presence might expose service dogs and their owners to potential risk.

Realizing the mistake, she went on to apologize on Zira's Facebook page, and posted equally adorable photos at pet-friendly PetSmart.

Facebook: zirathecorgi

She certainly is one adorable shopping partner!!!

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