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    We Might Have Just Seen LeBron James' Penis On TV

    M-V-Penis? (WARNING: NSFW)

    People tuning in to Game 4 of the NBA finals got a little more than they bargained for Thursday night.

    Sure sign of dominance... #lebron flashes his dick before the game #Cavs

    During the live pregame broadcast, the cameras rolled over to James tucking in his jersey, and for a spilt second part of what appears to be his penis was exposed.


    Naturally the internet had some questions.

    Did #LeBronJames just show his junk to America?

    My dad has rewinded the TV to see LeBrons weiner 4 times ok bye

    Did anyone else just see #LeBronJames peen on the #NBAFinals2015? I swear he did an adjustment and it was right there!Tell me if I'm trippin

    I think I just saw #LeBronJames junk on national television #NBAFinals

    A Twitter handle instantly sprung up.

    Whether or not we saw a penis is yet to be determined.

    Frederic J. Brown / Getty Images