23 Beard And Man Bun Combinations That Will Awaken You Sexually

Beards and buns to quench your inner thirst.

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1. Austin Davis, who looks dashing in a blazer...

...but thankfully also suffers from shirt allergies.

4. This dreadfully dapper dandy.

5. This sexy beast, who we wouldn't mind getting lost with.

8. This sexy stranger who will make you question everything.

9. Norwegian babe Lasse L. Matberg, who is sensually rugged...

...and also knows how to handle big wood.

11. This fantastically freckled fellow.

13. This bearded and bunned boy wonder who will have you seeing red.

15. This ginger god who will awaken your inner thirst.

17. This brooding beefcake.

18. This perfectly pierced pretty boy.

19. This bearded beau who exudes sexiness.

22. This bold, bristly, and beautiful man.