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23 Experiences All Bilingual Spanish Speakers Have Had

Language has its limits.

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1. Having to act as a translator at Mexican restaurants.

3. Cringing when you see products that butcher both languages.

"El Supermano?"


5. Having the "ñ" throw you off whenever you use a Spanish keyboard.

6. Laughing when translations are totally off the mark.

Nobody is going to want to eat at your "cockroach" restaurant.


8. Constantly having to help friends with their Spanish homework.

16. Having to deal with autocorrect in Spanish...

18. Using online translators for help, but having them mess it up every time.

19. Trying to use Spanish phrases in board games.

20. Having friends that want you to translate Spanish films even when they are subtitled.

21. Being annoyed that people assume that adding an "o" at the end of a word automatically makes it Spanish.