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Kylo Ren Did A Hilarious "Undercover Bosses" Skit

"People are gonna love the new me!"

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On the latest episode of Saturday Night Live, host Adam Driver reprised his role as emo bad guy Kylo Ren, and went as a commander in disguise on Undercover Boss: Starkiller Base edition.

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For the role Ren ditched the trademark black mask and light saber and donned a blonde wig and glasses to play a radar technician named "Matt."

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At first he tries to seamlessly blend in by making small talk with his co-workers.

SNL / Via

But when it came to doing his actual job he sucked at it.

SNL / Via

He then kind of blew his own cover by showing off Ren's lightsaber...

SNL / Via

... and then used the force to throw a stormtrooper across the room when he got angry.

SNL / Via

In the end he really didn't fool anyone.

SNL / Via

But at least he had fun.


Undercover Ren is great.

#UndercoverRen The most canon thing in the galaxy

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