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27 Kitchen Criminals That Cannot Be Forgiven

Betty Crocker is off her rocker.

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1. Whoever forgot to check the toaster setting.

Some like their bread extra crispy.

2. Whoever tried to pass this off as a corn dog.

More like porn dog.

3. The proud person responsible for this pasta cake.

4. The chef who wanted to boil pasta the "easy" way.

5. The person who underestimated the rate at which dough rises.

7. This over zealous pancake pornographer.

8. Getting over ambitious with sushi rolling.

9. The grandmother responsible for this cake.

10. This expert griller.

Hopefully they like their meat well done.

11. The chef who learned the hard way that Tupperware and microwaves don't mix.

12. Whoever made Easy Mac incredibly hard.

13. The person responsible for this beautiful disaster.

14. The cook who baked a frozen pizza for eight hours.

15. The person who made these cupcake quiches.

16. This Pinterest project enthusiast.

17. The ambitious baker who made this gigantic cookie.

18. Whoever left this in the fridge until it came to life.

19. Whoever likes chocolate cake enough to have it caked all over the oven.

20. The creator of this smore doppelgänger.

21. The guy who thought making cookies on the cooling rack was a good idea.

22. The person responsible for this spaghetti squash meltdown.

23. This waffle iron enthusiast.

24. The person who thought this pumpkin cake looks just like the real thing.

25. Anyone who over salts their food...

26. ... And over peppers as well.

27. And of course the creator of this beauty.

Nailed it!

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