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KFC Just Changed The Game With The "Chizza," A Pizza With A Fried Chicken Crust

This is a next-level food mash-up.

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Love pizza but hate dealing with bready crust? KFC has answered your prayers with the Chizza.

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The Chizza is essentially a pizza that replaces the crust with a fried chicken breast. It has all of the strengths of a regular pizza, but none of the weaknesses.

Unfortunately if you're looking to try this mash-up in the U.S., you're out of luck: The delicacy is only available at KFC locations in the Philippines.

We have a "crust" on this #KFChizza. 💜

KFCs abroad seem to be light-years ahead of the U.S. in terms of food experimentation, recently unveiling this Napoli Crispy Pizza Chicken at their Hong Kong locations.

Another cross-category effort from KFC: "Napoli Crispy Pizza Chicken" in Hong Kong. Uhhh, no.

Locations in the Philippines even have a breakfast buffet.

Don't miss the last weekend of the KFC Breakfast buffet! See you there!:)Check out for details

Step up your game, America!


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