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25 Suit Hacks That Will Make Any Man Look Instantly Sexy

"Everyone's crazy about a sharp-dressed man."

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2. Remember it's always acceptable to fasten the middle button on either a two- or three-button jacket.

Fastening the top button is optional with a three-button jacket, but under no circumstance should you fasten the bottom button with either jacket option.


13. Vests are a great way to dress up a suit.

The vest should reach your waist, and cover your belt. You can either have it buttoned all the way down, or leave one button undone. In general you want the vest color and/or pattern to match your suit.


20. Seersucker suits are great for warmer weather, but should only be worn when it's hot out.

Seersucker suits are popular and fashionable in summer, especially in the South. They are made of a lighter more breathable material, and are great for outdoor functions.

21. Pay attention to the back of your suit.

Single vent and double vent refer to the number of slits in the back of your suit. Single vent is a little more causal and is popular in America, while double vent is more traditional and is associated with British style.

24. If you don't feel like wearing a belt, suspenders are a stylish alternative to keep your pants up.

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Suspenders are a great way to add some personal flair to your look. They hold your pants at your natural waistline, and look dapper even without a jacket. For a full guide on suspenders click here.

25. Above all, get your suit tailored!

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Many department stores provide tailoring if you buy the suit there, and if you buy a suit off the rack get that tailored as well. It makes a huge difference.