21 Issues Light Sleepers Can Totally Relate To

I’m wide awake.

1. The slightest noise will keep you up.

Nickelodeon / Via mygifdump.tumblr.com

2. Earplugs are one of your must-have items.

3. You own a fancy sleeping mask to keep the light out.


4. You can never find the right balance between the room being too hot….

Cartoon Network / Via animatedmeme.blogspot.com

5. Or too cold to fall asleep comfortably.

Fox / Via reddit.com

Theere is no comfortable medium.

6. Restless nights leave you with constant bags around your eyes.

Marcel ter Bekke/Marcel ter Bekke

7. You’ve shelled out the extra $30 for blackout curtains.


Darkness is essential.

8. You know every 3:30 AM infomercial by heart.

Hello facial flex!

9. You’ve undoubtedly come across some adult programming while scanning channels in the middle of the night.


10. You try to avoid liking someone’s status during one of your late night wake sessions.

Disney / Via jskulloz.tumblr.com

Unless you want them to assume you’re some kind of nocturnal vampire.

11. You always have your bedroom fan running at a high speed to create white noise…

Which makes things very interesting during winter.

12. For you, sharing a bed isn’t the peaceful bonding experience it is for everyone else.

Comedy Central / Via gifake.net

It’s a total nightmare!

13. Your kitchen is constantly picked apart from random late night snacking.

14. Which also ensures leftovers never make it to the next day.


15. Before you go to sleep you absolutely have to make sure your phone is on silent.

Javier Moreno at BuzzFeed

Even the slightest notification will awaken you.

16. At one point you’ve considered going to a sleeping clinic.


17. You struggle feverishly to not get up and go to the bathroom throughout the night.

18. It’s gotten so bad that this looks appealing.


Because getting up to pee means not being able to go back to sleep.

19. You are blessed with the gift and the curse of never needing someone else wake you up.

Because, unfortunately your internal alarm is always on.

20. At some point you’ve resorted to using sleeping pills to get you through the night.

Icon Entertainment / Via gifake.net

21. You’ve experienced hallucinations when the sleeping pills don’t actually knock you out.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via trippycatgifs.tumblr.com

Even though being a light sleeper can be super annoying…

At least you’ll never sleep through an alarm.

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