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25 Experiences You Had Growing Up In A Mexican Neighborhood

Where street tacos have always been served on the street.

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1. You played soccer in the street for hours on end.

2. And your feet paid the price for it.

3. At least one person you knew owned chickens or gallos.

4. When El Paletero came ringing you went running.

5. Even though his treats sometimes gave you raspado mouth.

6. You drank from the manguera when you had to.

And it tasted just like a manguera.

7. You had a go-to corner store you shopped at regularly.

8. Where you got treats both sweet...

10. Almost everyone you knew had a nickname.

11. And when you called them, whistling was an acceptable form of communication.

12. A lot of houses on your block were pastel colored.

13. And everyone who had pets made sure they stayed outside.

14. You always had access to amazing fruit stands.

15. And you cooled off with aguas frescas.

16. Everywhere you went you saw Catholic relics.

18. At one point you've gone to a panderia with $4 and left with 20 items.

19. You've also paid less than a dollar to get some quality elote.

20. You knew someone who always parked their car on the grass.

21. Along with somebody who watched TV outside.

22. You ate tacos at taco trucks way before they were "hip."

23. And of course you washed those tacos down with a Mexican Coke.

24. You've had to use a Casa de Cambio to change pesos to dollars on at least one occasion.

25. And of course you knew at least one person who wanted to be a cholo.

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