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    Ikea Turned Kid's Drawings Into Actual Toys For A Good Cause

    Children helping children.

    Ikea has created a widely known furniture empire, but it is also in the business of giving back.

    Pascal Guyot / AFP / Getty Images

    Ikea's Soft Toys for Education donates proceeds from the sales of its plush toys to programs sponsored by Save the Children and UNICEF.

    This year, the program is different in that Ikea let children design the toys themselves as part of a contest.

    IKEA / Via

    The children were invited to an office where the drawing contest was held. The group of kids came from several different countries and produced hundreds of drawings.

    IKEA / Via

    The drawings were then taken to a room and pinned to a wall, where a group of judges were faced with the not-so-easy task of picking 10 winners.

    IKEA / Via

    The winners of the contest were a merry mix of beautiful beasts.

    Thymeo, 4 years old, Belgium.

    The ones that were chosen were made into prototypes and put into production.

    IKEA / Via

    The toys are on sale from November to December, and 1 euro from each toy purchase will be donated.

    Karla, 10 years old, Croatia.

    According to Ikea, since the campaign's start in 2003, it has raised 77 million euros and helped more than 11 million children in 46 countries get access to better education resources.

    IKEA / Via

    Olivia, 7 years old, U.K.

    For more on how the toys are made, check out this video:

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