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27 Reasons Living In Texas Ruins You For Life

You can travel the world, but few places are quite like Texas.

1. Because spring means bluebonnet-lined roads as far as the eye can see.

Flickr: jmtimages / Creative Commons

2. Because it has the best places to cool off, like Barton Springs...

3. ...the surreal Hamilton Pool...

4. ...and Jacob's Well.

Flickr: paddymurphy / Creative Commons

5. Because the sodas stay true to the game, and are still made the old-fashioned way.

6. Because the Gulf Coast is naturally gorgeous.


It's not just deserts and tumbleweeds.

7. Because the cities blend in seamlessly with nature.

8. Because nothing even comes close to the sweet, savory taste of brisket and all other Texas BBQ.

Getty Images/iStockphoto 8by5

9. No matter where you are, you're always close to some live music.

Andy Pareti /Facebook: SXSWFestival

With events like Fun Fun Fun Fest, SXSW, and Free Press Summer Fest and Austin being the live music capital of the world, good music is never hard to find.

10. And even the music festivals are bigger and better.

Facebook: aclfestival

For instance, the ever-popular Austin City Limits.

11. Because few things can compare to the spectacle that is Texas high school football.

Facebook: texashsfootball1

It's not just a sport, it's religion.

12. Because culture and art are an intricate part of Texas life.

13. Because the state always aspires to bring out the best in people.

14. Because the delicious and colloquial Tex-Mex cuisine is on another level.

15. Because fall brings out an amazing cascade of colors in the Lone Star State. It is a sight to behold.

16. Because Houston's skyline majestically towers over the bayou.

Getty Images/ James Pharaon

17. While Dallas' proves everything is indeed bigger and more beautiful in Texas.

Getty Images / Thinkstock

18. Because nighttime strolls are just better on the River Walk.

Getty Images/ Natalia Bratslavsky

The San Antonio Riverwalk has dozens of restaurants, shops, and bars, and is the No. 1 tourist attraction in Texas.

19. And the annual state fair is as a big, beautiful, and over-the-top as the state itself.

Getty Images / Aneese

The state fair in Dallas is one of the city's signature events, and has been held almost every year since 1886.

20. Because nothing is more refreshing than sweet Texas tea on a hot summer day...

Flickr: cgc76 / Creative Commons

21. ...except maybe an ice-cold Shiner Bock on a warm evening in the spring.

22. You will be hard-pressed to find anything that can compare to the electric feel of a live game at AT&T Stadium.

23. Because the twisted oasis of rivers provide an endless source of fun...

...and beauty.

24. Because nothing can beat the utter quaintness and beauty of a Texas sunset.

Flickr: jeffwspencer / Creative Commons

25. Except maybe the beautiful explosion of stars in the Texas night sky.

Flickr: amynkassam / Creative Commons

26. Because the land is as open and free as the people are.

Getty Images/iStockphoto

There is never a shortage of wide open spaces.

27. And few places have as a rich, storied, and proud history as the Lone Star State.

Getty Images/ Dean Fikar


Living in Texas sets the bar high, because it's hard to imagine yourself living anywhere else.

Flickr: justinjensen / Creative Commons

Heaven is a place on Earth.

God bless the Lone Star State!

Getty Images/ Lee Kris

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