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An Open Letter To The Dallas Cowboys

Win or lose, the Boys are definitely back!

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Dear Cowboys,

Patrick Smith / Getty

There is no need to be sad.

Louis DeLuca / Dallas Morning News

Or hang your head in defeat.

Louis DeLuca / Dallas Morning News

You have so much to be to be grateful for...

Matthew Emmons/Usa Today Sports

... in spite of losing due to a controversial call against Green Bay.

Andrew Weber/Usa Today Sports

You went farther than anyone could have possibly imagined.

Tony Gutierrez / Via Facebook: DallasCowboys

Even though most experts predicted you'd go 5-11, you not only made the playoffs, but won your division.

James D. Smith/Dallas Cowboys / Via Facebook: DallasCowboys

You produced the league's leading rusher in DeMarco Murray...

James D. Smith / Getty

... and the NFL's leader in TD receptions Dez Bryant.

Tom Pennington / Getty

Your defensive unit went from doormats to dominant in less than a year!

Rob Foldy / Getty

And Tony Romo's amazing play showed why he's one of the NFL's best.

Ronald Martinez / Getty

In spite of setbacks and injuries...

Ronald Martinez / Getty

... you rose to every challenge.

Rob Carr / Getty

And reminded us of the Cowboys' vintage glory.

Like the organization that has produced coaching legends like Tom Landry...

Stephen Dunn / Getty

... and Hall-of-Fame players like Michael Irvin, Emmitt Smith, and Troy Aikman.

AFP / Getty Images PAUL BUCK

You showed respect to even your most intense rivals.

Tom Pennington / Getty

And embodied what it meant to play as a team on your way to a 12-4 record.

Most of all, you never forgot the people who mattered most...

Tom Pennington / Getty

... and you always let them know how much you appreciated them.

And they loved you for it!

Donald Miralle / Getty

So don't be downtrodden, Cowboys.

Tom Pennington / Getty

You know what it's like to get to the mountain top...

Tim Clary / Getty

... and you'll always be America's team.

Christian Petersen / Getty

Thank you Dallas.

Thank you for an amazing season!!!


You'll get them next year!

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